June 24, 2009

Vanishing memories

Why are memories so difficult to erase, ignore or forget? Some things and some people who you wish would just disappear from your mind and thoughts keep coming back a little too often. Why oh Why!!!
Every day i tell myself: "No, I ain't gonna brood over a love lost or feel bad about a dear friend's indifference or crib about things bygone". And every day I find my mind more and more involved in these very same activities. I was never one known for will power and determination (esp in matters of heart and weight), so my weak mind once again falls prey to memories.
The weight matter, of course, is growing and growing. Just when I decided to start walking, the rains came...oh i've said this before! Yeah so where was I: my mind and its inability to forget.
Now am already upset over the departure of a dear friend or my twin or watever I can call him. Another week and off he goes....to another country in another continent and then he too will become part of my every thoughts.

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