January 8, 2010

The Idiot who spoke sense

Movies for me are masti! I don't expect them to preach, enlighten people, educate society or dictate philosophy. I definitely admire and enjoy movies that are inspired from real life, that attempt to portray the sweet-bitter society in all its authenticity and appreciate makers who strive to make meaningful and interesting cinema. At the end of it all...it's about having spent your time and money for something worthwhile...be it entertainment or information. I have been a movie buff and I am proud of it. Am game to watch any film, any language, any show and any number of times. Just need the right company and buttered popcorn. We've even attempted to catch one of the so-called Porn films in theatre but the very sight of the lecherous, frustration-oozing, professional gropers had us run for our lives. Back to last night. After much coaxing and cribbing, my husband finally relented to a movie outing. No tickets were reserved, we were already running late, hadn't yet decided which movie we'd see and just then he decides to have an official discussion with his father-in-law, then a quick shower, a stuff-swallow dinner and off we set for our show. 3 idiots, it would be, I had decided. And was hoping we wouldn't have to come back like 2 idiots with no tickets in hand. We made it on time, got our tickets and were comfortably seated. I decided the popcorn could wait till interval, coz my chapattis (which I swallowed from home) had still a long way to go before it would touch my tummy. Soon the credits opened and the audience let out broken claps. The movie started and then all I knew was that I was laughing at almost every scene, my husband was shaking in his chair laughing and people all around were clapping, slapping each other's back and laughing loud and louder. We laughed our way to the interval, and I had a winning smile on my face when I turned to my husband and asked "Aren't you glad we decided to watch this?" for which he replied with a courtesy smile. Hmmmmm.... The popcorn came, the movie rolled on. Soon I found myself trying hard to control the tear drop from messing my make-up. Actually I was more conscious of my husband or any one noticing the big drop on my cheek. I tried hard but it managed to roll down. And more followed. I decided to let them have a rolling time. Another hour and the movie came to an end. I had a smile on my face, a tune on my lips, and regret in my heart. This was a movie I should have missed. I may have been upset about missing it, but after seeing it, it left me shattered with the reality that I had missed so much in life. It took me to moments in my life where I failed to follow my heart. It reminded me of instances where instead of comforting my mind saying 'All or rather Aal is Well' I would always pressure myself more saying 'Gosh, why are things so bad?'. I was so focused on watching the train chug by and the plane fly high that I missed my own bus that rolled past me. It's the little things that make the difference, the bigger things will follow. It's the smile that matters, the claps will follow. It's doing the right thing at the right time that matters, and not trying for the best thing at the wrong time. It is you that matters, others will come by. Live for yourself, for your happiness, for your smile, and soon you'll see the world smile with you. You can keep others happy only if you are content with yourself. Live life with simple rule of 'following your heart'. This is where I faltered. This is where many of us go weak. By the time we realise this, we would come too far away to return. Be an Idiot, do it your way. Let your heart lead you, the mind will follow. hope at least my children have a chance to follow their heart, chase their dream, realise their love.

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