January 17, 2010

Sunday, the official lazy day

Sunday is the official 'Lazy Day'. So it has been for years, and so it will be for years. Yes, everyone looks forward to the weekend, but it's really Sunday that we all await for. My choice of entering the media field gave me only one real reason to regret it...that here (in the big, mad and sometimes bad world of media) there is no SUNDAY. If you're lucky you get a weekly off which, in most companies, strictly cannot be a Sunday.
Now I've been away from the rush, buzz and fun of media organisations for the past couple of years. So technically every day is a Sunday for me. But still I cherish THE Sunday and sooo look forward to it. Of course, it's not as lazy as before, thanks to my little son who's up with the Sun even on this lazy day which ideally should start with breakfast in bed.
I hate making plans for Sunday. It's a lazy day and that's how it should be. Don't fuss over it and make a 100 plans for the day...numerous pending house visits, piled up laundry, the many-times-postponed home cleaning, shopping trips etc. It takes away all the fun of the Sunday as you're left shuttling from one stop to another, doing more than normal work, feeling twice as exhausted as other days and in the end of it all, flopping on to bed exhausted and weak and cribbing 'There goes another Sunday...Sigh!".
Well, this is exactly how my Sundays have been playing out most often these times. Today is no exception. After every task, I am asked: 'So when do we have to go there, and when can we go visit that cousin, and after that how will we find time for the super market visit, etc..etc..'. Hurry Up, Don't waste time, We're getting late....these phrases don't go well with Sundays. It's the day when we're supposed to go easy, waste time in bed and be relaxed and laid back.
Even as I write this, my husband is mentally making notes and plans for 'rest of the Sunday' or whatever remains of it. It's my son's afternoon nap that's keeping us home. The minute he's up, we dash out for more visits and more boring errands. And promptly have a fight over dinner plans, then get home and wonder how come Sunday's over. What did we do today. Well, we were racing to see how much we could stuff into our poor lil Sunday who visits us once a week.


Anonymous said...

What should have been long, unending and languorous is now a mad dash to nothingness? Planned excursions, maybe we can't take our own company nowadays so we deny the existence of a day to relax and be ourselves at least for once in a week.

Sree said...

I actually long for My Company...that's what I miss the most. Being myself, spending time with self, following my heart, my intuitions, my dreams... I miss Being Me.