January 12, 2010

Ms Peeping Tom

I scorn at anyone who seems uncomfortably inquisitive about my life or about anybody else's circle of life. Look at me now. Thanks to twitter, here I am constantly peeping into the every day details of celebrities. I could argue that it's not a 'peeping Tom' act 'coz they have put it up for all to see. But why would I care to do a search of Shah Rukh Khan, the follow him, then run through his list of friends and choose more celebrities from there...Abhishek, Preity Zinta and even Genelia D'Souza. Why would I care? Why should I care? The voyeur in me is peeping up, and rising up more and more.
Now I know that Abhishek is in Udaipur, Preity is off to Delhi tonight, Genelia has her hands full with promotions of DPC (I had to go back may tweet pages on her profile to figure out what DPC meant. For the still ignorant ones, it's her upcoming film Dance pe Chance)....and that Shah Rukh Khan is terrible tired, even his hair is exhausted. Just how does all this information make life more exciting or meaningful for me? And all this while I have 3 other windows open for my pile of pending works.
Is this voyeurism or harmless curiosity? I remember, while at my former company, I had to edit a package on Voyeurism (The Peeping Toms), and some psychologist or psychiatrist (never can differentiate the two) said there is a voyeur in all of us. Guess mine was in hibernation and is up and active now.
Now let me get back to the tweets and see if Abhishek is done with his shooting and if Preity manages to wrap her work and catch the flight on time.

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SunnySmile said...

About the voyeur in all of us, I agree 100 per cent. And Twitter and blogging sites have just given us an excuse to let it out.
And there must be an exhibitionist in all of us too. Why else would we update our thoughts (however fleeting), life changes (good, bad and ugly) and tons of other things on FB, Twitter et al? Perhaps the Internet is finally awakening sleeping demons in each one of us!