January 13, 2010

Life without beeps & buzzes

Every time I see my mobile phone my hands automatically stretch out for it and I just have to check it for any new messages of calls I may have missed. Most often there's none 'coz this check happens in under 5-minute frequencies. So it's highly unlikely that any beeps or buzzes miss my ears. Of course there are those many many calls which I chose to turn deaf to and conveniently ignore.
This morning, like is the routine, I spotted my phone hiding under a pile of magazines and newspapers (probably seeking refuge from my constant caressing). Promptly I reached out for it, though I was already running late and was rushing to finish a quick shower. And lo! I slide it open and nothing happens, no lights, no display. Am already frantic and my face flushed off of all its colour. I press every key possible, try the switch on button, slide it open/close several times (rather harshly) and then finally scream out...."My phone...my phone...it's dead". My husband comes, looking calm (and secretly happy too) and checks the gadget. Says it's probably low on battery and we plug the charger on. No luck. I try calling on to my phone...the call's going through (the Hello tunes is playing on) but there is no buzzing or vibrating or any symptom of life on my Sony Ericsson.
I declare: "I need a new phone. Come, let's go buy a new one." Well, you'll have to wait till at least 10 'coz the shops need to open, says my husband with a wicked smile. At least so it seemed to me. It looked like everything and everyone was conspiring against me and my poor lifeless phone. He was back to his morning routine and here I was, continuously bragging about life without a phone and how I want a new one right away. I almost felt like I had lost a limb.
I couldn't bear to see my phone lie motionless, colorless and silent. I went in for a sip of water, then got back only to see my mobile flashing a mischievous smile at me. Profile: At Work flashed on the screen, the lights were back and the beeps too. Yayyyyy my phone's alive, I screamed. My husband gave me a rather annoying look and quizzed: "how did it work now?". Who knows, who cares....the point is it's alive and buzzing. But I did still add a liner at the end saying "Well, I could still do with a new phone!" which met with no response.
Until then I have my Sony Ericsson...to walk and talk.

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