January 11, 2010

A mess of a mask

Your face can deceive you at times. It could turn your attempt at pretension into a terrible mess by deciding to get honest and turn a fiery shade of red depicting your suppressed anger, or turn a shy pink and let out your secret crush, or droops to a sorry sight giving away the tears within, or break into a 'WTF' frown reflecting the inner irritation. If you're face is a mirror of the mind, then mine is a Saint Gobain at that. (Well Saint Gobain is the best I know of mirrors. Feel free to upgrade it to an even more superior brand in your list). 
Here I am, with a smile pasted on face, thinking am doing a good job and looking happy and normal, when someone walks up to me and asks: "Something wrong? You look a little upset or disturbed?". Sheesh...there goes my mask of Madam Perfect. And then another friend, and then another, and I had at least 5 people ask me if aal wazzz well. Of course, all was not well. I was bugged and irritated for a reason. But had decided I would be Ms Goody goody and play the part of an enjoying guest', which I had clearly failed. 
This is not the first time. I am terrible at wearing masks, I realise. Maybe I should try installing a dark glass, something life the sun control films, that will filter my emotions before it reaches the face!

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