January 9, 2010

Notes of Inspiration

A friend's recent Facebook (FB) status read something like 'inspiration comes from unexpected sources'. How true! It could be a face, a book, a place, a word. Words, it is for me. I recall conversations, notes exchanged that had inspiring words, some that even moved me to tears. You start respecting a person for what he speaks, you even end up falling in love with people for their wonderful way with words. Those were the days of letters, regular mails. Now it's the era of short-cuts. SMS and chat windows allow quick communication where it's all about shortest and fastest messages. Words have lost their essence, their honesty, their beauty. Not long ago, we could read a letter or mail and learn a lot about the person behind those words. Not any more. Today, we no longer write words, it's all a collage of alphabets: c u tmrw. brb. lol. and many more. I miss those honest, soulful words. It's so rare and few. Notes of Inspiration, my most treasured letters from some very special people. They still bring a tear to my eyes and some have me breaking into a laugh that's so refreshing.

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